If you are interested in studying ecology as a graduate or undergraduate student in my lab, please contact me and see the further information here.

Lab Members

Sabrina Russo

Sabrina E. Russo

Associate Professor

Melissa Whitman

PhD Student
Patterns of diversity along elevation gradients

Nohemi Huanca Nunez

PhD Student, Fulbright Fellow
Secondary succession in tropical forest

Ju Ping Chan (Chan Ju Ping)

MSc Student
Trade-offs in root:shoot allocation in Bornean trees

Lela Ali & Tinggom

Lela Ali & Tinggom

Field Researchers
Leliyen Ukat

Leliyen Ukat

Field Researcher

Former Lab Members

Amy Kochsiek

Amy Kochsiek, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
NOW - Adjunct Faculty Member - Doane College
Trade-offs in resource allocation
Kathy Roccaforte

Kathy Roccaforte, MSc

NOW - PhD student at the University of Kansas
Reproductive isolation among plant species
Logan Canon

Logan Canon

NOW - World Traveller
Undergraduate Thesis Advisee, 2008
Variation in leaf stomatal traits
Katie Heineman

Katie Heineman

NOW - PhD student at the University of Illinois
Undergraduate Thesis Advisee, 2009
Allometry of tropical tree species
Jocelyn Olney

Jocely Olney

NOW - Graduate Student at Univ. of Nebraska
REU Student & Undergraduate Thesis Advisee, 2010
Nitrogen-use by Bornean tree species

Lauren Thompson

Lauren Thompson

NOW - Field Assistant
REU Student & Undergraduate Thesis Advisee, 2012 Leaf functional traits of Bornean free species
Aimee Koenig

Aimee Koenig

Field Researcher, RUTE Scholar, 2009

Noelle Beckman

Postdoctoral Fellow